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Friends In Need

Eliza Blair

Sally desleeps and jumps, jounces, jiggles into her clothes. Today is a special day. Today is a prettyful day. She trambles thru the porto and outdowns the chute without even zapping her hair.

Dig Sally: fifteen whole cents old, plus two cycles – that’s four years and a twitch in standard termies for you parents out there. Gold-yellow hair and greeny eyes, tres charmer when she gets her parts. The smarterest chick in her class, and so sweetie to boot cos she can turner on the sugar. Her birthday was Fourday, and now it’s Sixday, a special day with declass and Daddy telecomming. Sally trambles fastlike. She’s juiced. read more

Do Tags Work?

Cathy Marshall

When I login to Flickr, the first photo I see— an artistic effort that looks to be a study of a sturdy dandelion growing from a crack in the curb—is tagged: flowers, spring, scenery, lapsana, great, fotolog, ThinkFlickrThink, SuperShot, and 1mill.

I like the photo, although it calls to mind dozens of inspirational posters, the province of the over-earnest, the literal, and the hapless striver. Flowers? I can see only one. A lapsana. Who knew? Is it scenery? Well, it's not a dog, although I think of scenery as grander in scale and as less ambiguous in its beauty than a lone dandelion. Is it great? According to his comment, Blue Cockatoo thinks so. How thick is the stem? Oh, I'd say it's about 1mill. read more...


Making a List: Rachel Lee reviews To Do List by Sasha Cagen. From a meticulously planned Thanksgiving dinner to the pros and cons of remaining in a difficult relationship: the voyeuristic and interactive possibilities of reading stranger’s lists.


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