Friday, December 17, 2004


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For immediate release: Bishop Angry Green to join Tinctoris

Watertown, December 17.

Early this morning, Bishop Angry Green's application for a transfer from TEKKAlogue's headquarter to Tinctoris was considered and accepted during a staff meeting. Bishop Angry Green wrote in his application that Miss Bliss Peaceful, in spite of numerous warnings and angry hisses, had continued to aggravate him with her thoughtful, calm expression. Unfortunately, this irreconcilable conduct of behavior from Miss Bliss Peaceful has made it impossible for Bishop Angry Green to concentrate on his note taking.

TEKKAlogue's staff will miss Bishop Angry Green tremendously, but agreed that a transfer is the best solution due to these special circumstances. We know Jeffrey Radcliffe at Tinctoris will take good care of Bishop Angry Green so that he can concentrate on his note taking once again.

Congratulations to Jeffrey Radcliffe, may your new Tinder Troll inspire. Bishop Angry Green has been wrapped in a sound proof box and shipped to your office.

Sincerely, TEKKAlogue Staff

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